Heart Warming Wassail Mix Gift Box 100g

Delectable Addictions Heart Warming Wassail Mix makes a great gift for family and friends. Now we make it easier with our newly designed Christmas packaging. Each box contains two wassail mixes – enough to make one gallon of this holiday favorite. Our specially commissioned wassail poem adorns the back of the box.

Give the gift of great taste this Christmas. There is no need to wrap this little gift – it's already done for you. For a more elegant gift, tie the gift box to a gallon of your favorite apple cider with a decorative ribbon. See more wassail poems and songs at www.christmaswassail.com.

Check out our product review at Collies Kitchen.


Directions: Mix contents of one packet with two quarts or both packets with one gallon of apple cider or apple juice. Serve warm, stirring often. Use more or less juice to determine spiciness to your own taste.


Ingredients: Sugar, fructose, cinnamon, spices, citric acid.



Heart Warming Wassail Mix Gift Box 100g
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